Kelp Growth Stimulant Concentrate

Kelp Growth Stimulant Concentrate

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Highly effective Growth Stimulant with High Potassium Seaweed Mineral Extract of phyto-hormones Auxin and Cytokinin in a ration 350:1 from seaweed Ecklonia Maximato with Nitrogen 8%, Organic (nitrogen hydrides) NH2-N 6.85%, (Nitrate nitrogen) NO3-N 1.15%, Potassium Oxide K2O 4.3%

Effects of Auxin and Cytokinin Stimulate root development to increase plant's resistance to adverse soil and climatic conditions, and improve uptake of nutrients.

Auxins · Stimulate root system growth · Expansion of cells and plasticity · Apical dominance (promote stem elongation) · Slow aging and leaf fall · Stimulate flowering · Fruit inception and growth

Cytokinins · Cell division · Growth of side buds · Leaf development · Slow leaf aging · Stimulate open stomata for photosynthesis · Fruit inception and growth

Dosage 20ml Starxfoliar Kelp Premium SL to 1 litre of Water • 100ml yields 5 litres
When to Use Apply every 2 weeks, before transplanting, and at the appearance of buds. Spray in the early morning before 10am or in the evening after 4pm. Avoid spraying under the scorching heat of the full afternoon sun, but allow sufficient time for the plants to dry before dark.
How to Use Foliar Spray: Mix 20ml of Starxfoliar Kelp Premium SL to 1 litre of water in a spray bottle • 5ml = 1 teaspoon • Shake well • Mist the plant, making sure to cover the top and under side of leaves. Plants need not be sprayed till dripping wet.