Simply Easy Edibles

Some herbs and vegetables are simply too easy to care for to pass up. Tried and tested Easy Edibles. A little sunshine or bright indoor light, and you can be on your way.... a sprig of mint for your iced tea, a twig of rosemary for that leg of lamb, a few chillies for that spicy zing, or a few laksa leaves to garnish that sedap lemak dish... Wick-watering makes them no-brainers to nurture.

Pick the plant you want and we'll pot it with suitable growing medium in the wick-watering pot you like.

All plants are treated for pests and diseases prior to sale.

Prices listed include the plant potted with suitable potting mix in a fitting classic wick-watering pot.

We feature only the most low maintenance indoor plants in classic white wick-watering pots on our website.

Should you have something else in mind, contact us, and we will endeavour to put together your Green Dream!

If you want to spruce up your living space, we'd be happy to recommend suitable easy-to-manage options.

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