About Us

We deliver guaranteed high quality products, specialising in wick-watering potted easy care plants, tried-and-tested effective plant care and rescue products, to make plant ownership enjoyable and rewarding.

Quality Wick-Watering

No more under or over-watering your plants. We will pot the plant you want, into the high quality wick-watering pot you like, with potting mix suited to the individual plant. Just fill the water reservoir when it is empty.

Easy Care Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Add colour and life to your space without the hassle of picky diva plants. Plants on this website require minimum care, and are the least vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Plant Care & Rescue

A little care prevents the need for future rescue. Plant care, pesticides and fungicides are available in affordable cost-friendly repackaged sizes for trial and one-off rescue missions.

Plant Care Support

Whether you require help picking a plant, caring for a plant after it has arrived, or rescuing a sick plant you already own, our seasoned gardeners are always happy to help.