Nordic Cylindrical 19cm Smart Pot

Nordic Cylindrical 19cm Smart Pot

  • Product: 15 - 19cm Nordic Cylindrical Smart Pot
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  • S$49.00

Want to showcase your pride and joy in an elegant pot, but can never remember or are too busy to check the water level on your self-watering pot. Let your Smart Pot remind you to water your plants.

· Low Water Alert Smart Chip Technology An alarm will sound when it is time to fill the reservoir.

· High Capacity Water Storage Reduces the need for frequent refills.

· Slip Covered Water Inlet Easy to open and fill up.

· Detachable Battery Case Quick and easy battery change.

· Low Power Consumption Reduces the need for frequent battery changes.

· Chic & Sophistication Stylish and Sturdy Beech Wood or Electroplated Golden Stands add a touch of class to any trendy modern home.

With All The Advantages of Our Self-Watering Pots & Planters
Made from the toughest PP and ABS - both new age materials boast high strength, durability, heat and chemical resistance, and are odourless. Lighter and thicker, they are guaranteed to outlast regular plastic pots.

· BPA-Free Polypropylene: considered by EPA to be safest plastic, and FDA-approved for food contact.

· Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene: structurally sturdy opaque thermoplastic amorphous polymer with strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and physical impact.

· Tough Surface: Not brittle like regular plastic, won't crack under pressure;

· Hard & Elastic: Will bend and flex upon impact, rather than break.

· Fatigue Resistant: Retains shape even after bending, flexing or torsion.

· High Tensile Strength: Can withstand rough and heavy potting mixes.

· Chemical Resistant: Won’t react readily with fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides, suitable for varying soil pH levels.

· Heat Resistant: with a melting point of 163.8°C.

· Lightweight: With lower density, pots are thicker, yet lighter than regular plastic pots.

· Aesthetically Pleasing: Resemble metal or ceramic, without the weight.