Begonia Rex Maui Mist

Begonia Rex Maui Mist

  • Product: 10cm Pot Begonia Rex 'Maui Mist'
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Begonia rex-cultorum 'Maui Mist'

These herbaceous perennials provide stunning colour displays with a myraid of shapes, colours and patterns. Leaves may be asymmetric, ovate, cordate and palmately lobed, with spots, stripes swirls, and streaks of colours that are vibrant with a metallic sheen.

The Maui Mist has striking pink-purple and silver-toned leaves with deep blackish green edges.

Care Instructions
Light Medium-light areas: 75 ft-c to 200 ft-c for maintenance | High-light areas: Over 200 ft-c, but not direct sun for vigorous growth
Humidity 25% to 49%
Water Refill the water reservoir when it is empty.
Nutrition & Fertilisers 23-19-14 or Balanced Control-Released Fertiliser every 3 months. Liquid Foliage Spray every 2 weeks during active growth period between Mar - July.
Potting & Growth Medium Well-draining Soil for Foliage Plants
Environment Ideal Temperature Range 18 - 24°C
Special Note Contains soluble calcium oxalates toxic to dogs and cats | Symptoms: vomiting, salivation in dogs and cats. Most toxic part is underground.