Rescue Over-Watered Plant

Rescue Over-Watered Plant
19 January, 2021

Over-Watered Plants & Root Rot

Most root rot fungi prefer wet soil conditions and some, such as Pythium and Phytophthora produce spores that can survive for long periods in soil or plant debris. Upon over-watering, they wake up and wreck havoc!

Rescue Plan A

Some over-watered plants will recover all on their own with some drying out. However, if you are particularly attached to a plant, you won't want to wait to see if root rot will set in, since root rot kills.

If you know you have over-watered, the minute you know, you can probably get away with drenching the soil with Banrot solution. Just mix 2g Banrot into a litre of water and pour evenly over top of pot till it drips out the bottom drainage holes.

If you're wondering "What draining holes?" That would be your biggest problem, and you should re-pot your plant in a pot with drainage holes.

Rescue Plan B

If your plant has started wilting, leaves have started turning yellow / brown, or soil started smelling funky, re-pot immediately. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Banrot offers you the best chance to rescue your plant, but only if you act upon the first signs of trouble. It won't bring a dead plant back to life.

  1. Remove all dead and dying leaves
  2. Prepare sufficient Banrot 2g to 1 litre of water solution to fill a container as big as your pot
  3. Carefully tip plant out from pot holding the plant just above the soil
  4. Giggle the plant in the Banrot solution to remove as much of the old soil as possible
  5. Cut away black mushy rotting roots, without damaging good white roots
  6. Sit your plant in the Banrot solution while you prepare a new pot and clean soil (no more than 30 minutes)
  7. Fill the bottom of a new pot with some clean soil
  8. Place plant in new pot and fill with clean soil
  9. Drench soil with Banrot solution
  10. Leave plant in a shady place to recover
  11. Do not water the plant till the soil is dry to the touch

No Clean Soil?

To re-use old soil, make sure you don't have any metal in the soil. Fill disposable microwave-safe container with soil, moisten soil evenly, cover lightly and microwave for 4 minutes per kilogram of soil (kia-su precaution). Click here to read the full research paper on Microwave Soil Treatment and Plant Growth

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