Bird's Nest Fern Crissie Amy

Bird's Nest Fern Crissie Amy

  • Product: 8-10cm Pot Asplenium nidus
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Asplenium nidus

Native to the tropical forests of Asia, the Asplenium nidus can survive as an epiphyte or terrestrial plant. Often found in the shady crevices of trees, they thrive in warm, humid areas in partial or full shade, making them the perfect plant to spruce up your bathroom.

This fern has the characteristic light green fronds that emerge from the middle of its leaf-rosette. Often crinkled, they grow long and broad, and roll back as they brown to create the 'nest' of leaves.

Care Instructions
Light 75 - 200 foot candles | North Window | Low Light to maintain plant | Medium Light for growth
Humidity Average: 25% to 49%
Water Refill the water reservoir when it is empty.
Nutrition & Fertilisers Half Teaspoon of a Balanced Slow-Release Granular Fertiliser spread away from the centre of the plant every 4 - 6 months. Slow-grower. Do not be tempted to over-fertilise.
Potting & Growth Medium Well-draining Potting Mix for Ferns
Environment 18 - 24°C