Begonia Rex African Jungle

Begonia Rex African Jungle

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Begonia rex-cultorum 'African Jungle'

These herbaceous perennials provide stunning colour displays with a myraid of shapes, colours and patterns. Leaves may be asymmetric, ovate, cordate and palmately lobed, with spots, stripes swirls, and streaks of colours that are vibrant with a metallic sheen.

The African Jungle has African Jungle' has green and crimson foliage, with white speckles, and produces pink flowers when grown outdoors or under high light.

Care Instructions
Light Medium-light areas: 75 ft-c to 200 ft-c for maintenance | High-light areas: Over 200 ft-c, but not direct sun for vigorous growth
Humidity 25% to 49%
Water Refill the water reservoir when it is empty.
Nutrition & Fertilisers 23-19-14 or Balanced Control-Released Fertiliser every 3 months. Liquid Foliage Spray every 2 weeks during active growth period between Mar - July.
Potting & Growth Medium Well-draining Soil for Foliage Plants
Environment Ideal Temperature Range 18 - 24°C
Special Note Contains soluble calcium oxalates toxic to dogs and cats | Symptoms: vomiting, salivation in dogs and cats. Most toxic part is underground.